Dr. Igor Lokot launched Double Bond Pharmaceutical, the first medtech company developing self-navigating medicines for treatment of lung and liver cancer.


We enter the local stock market Aktietorget and become a public company. Shortly after stock introduction we receive our first orphan drug designation from EMA for treatment of liver cancer in children based on doxorubicin and our BeloGal technology. The first international patent application for BeloGal is filed. We acquire a medicine from Belarus against brain cancer to further develop it for global launch. A scientific advice meeting with Swedish MPA gives us a road map towards starting clinical trials of this medicine in Europe.


We receive our second orphan drug designation från EMA – for treatment of glioma in adults. Second international patent family for our self-navigating BeloGal technology is submitted. Pre-clinical package for liver cancer medicine – SA033 – is completed and industrial manufacturing of a clinical batch initiated.


Medicine against brain cancer SI053  enters GLP-certified pre-clinical development stage in EU and tech transfer for manufacturing of first clinical batch is initiated. Clinical trial protocol for SI053 is developed and clinical sites for the first trial are selected. Drugsson is launched as our daughter enterprise to market generic medicines authorised for use in EU.


FarmPharma is launched as our second daughter company to develop a novel medicine against viral and bacterial infections in livestock cattle. Pre-clinical package for SI053 and GMP manufacturing of the first batch is completed. A request to EMA for Protocol Assistance has been submitted in order to obtain scientific advice on the development of SI053. We receive Eurostars funding from European Commission together with partners from France and Cyprus to develop a unique treatment of pneumonia based on BeloGal platform and meropenem.

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